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The organization was conceived based on the realization that whole generations of young people live in the absence of peace bearing the consequences on their minds and bodies.

Unpeaceful environments created by armed conflict, genocide, civil, racial and politically motivated wars prevail, causing continuous violence, instability, destruction, poverty, hunger, ill health  and underdevelopment. Women and children are the categories of people most affected by lack of peace.


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Giving Peace a Chance

Peace Ambassadors-The Gambia (PAG), is an international peace education and advocacy organization focusing on youth and peace. It was established in The Gambia on 17th May 2001.

Promoting Peace & Stability in The Gambia and Beyond.

This has remained a global concern and has generated the need for peace building and maintenance to be given concerted attention and efforts. Peace (the tranquil state of mind), must be secured and nurtured in order to promote sustainable socio-economic and political development.

Generally, lack of peace and its effects are not given in depth study and analysis. This often results in ignorance and limited collective global action to create a sustainable peaceful environment for humanity.   

Our Core Values

  1. Peace, stability, and prosperity for all;
  2. Belief in peaceful co-existence;
  3. Belief in the absence of conflicts and strife;
  4. Belief in the potential of young people;
  5. Support young people as future leaders;
  6. Support pro-peace policies;
  7. Belief in mediation and reconciliation;
  8. Learning and sharing knowledge, skills, and experiences;
  9. Respect the views, beliefs, religion, culture, and traditions of people;
  10. Working in collaboration and partnership with communities and other development partners;


To work with young people, communities and other development partners to achieve and sustain peace, stability and development in The Gambia and beyond.


A society where peace, stability and sustainable development prevail.

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